The information and videos on this page are very important fire safety tips  that can make a difference between life and death for your family and pets.. The right type of smoke alarms, photoelctric / heat smoke alarms should be placed in every room and hallway and CO - carbon monoxide alarms should also be installed near to gas stoves, water heaters and furnaces for non heat and non flame hazardous gas leaks which can cause death from carbon monoxide poisoning and also lead to major explosions if fumes reach an ignition source. Check batteries every month by pressing the test button on alarms and change the batteries before the expiration date or if battery warning beep occurs.

In Case of a Fire Emergency evacuate immediately and CALL 911 If your clothes catch on fire, stop, drop and roll and use a blanket or jacket if possible to smother the fire. When evacuating, if door handles are hot, pick an alternate route if possible but if no safer escape route is possible use a towel or rag etc to grasp door knob and stand to the side and stay as low as possible when opening the door in case of flash over. Do not crawl  out if possible but try to stay crouched and under the smoke if possible and cover your head and upper body with wet towels or blankets if possible and cover mouth and nose to prevent breathing the toxic smoke. Crawling will slow you down and in some fires the temperature at ground level can be scorching hot and floor can burn your hands and knees. 

 For your family safety sake see more info at our parent site https://www.smokealarmsafety.org

Fire Extinguisher Useage

Learn how to use your fire extinguisher for if and when a smoldering smoke or a small fire is present, i.e. up to size of flames at 1:22 minute mark of video when smoke detectors activate.

The Early Stage Smoke & Fire Location Detection and Extinguishing Drones will be able to protect your home automatically while you are away or when children are left home alone and send a fire alert to your smart phone and or monitoring station  to watch live video of the IR Camera.

Stove Top Cooking Fires

If cooking and a flash fire occur in a frying pan DO NOT try to move the pan off the stove burner and DO NOT use water or flour to extinguish a grease fire. Flour is flammable and water will feed the flames. Carefully turn off burner and cover with a tight fitting lid or carefully empty a box of baking soda on the flames. DO NOT remove lid till pan cools down.  Keep a safe distance of at least 4 feet  and aim at base of flames, DO NOT aim directly downward which can blast the flames out of pan

Dryer Vent Cleaning

Be sure to clean lint out of dryer before every use and vents once a year and do not keep clothes on top of dryer while in use. If your dryer is taking a 2nd cycle to dry cloths inspect both dryer and dryer vents for lint buildup.

Signs of Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

Know the danger signs of carbon monoxide poisoning !  Head aches and nausea. It is recommend in addition to having photoelectric / heat alarms in every room that a carbon monoxide - CO alarm be placed near all gas appliances such as furnaces, stoves, cloths dryers and water heaters. Gas leaks produce carbon monoxide which is a silent killer which do not produce smoke or any odor. Carbon monoxide leaks in cars also kill so it is a good idea to have a CO alarm in cars, especially older vehicles.

Xmas Tree Fires

Christmas Trees are very flammable and cause many home fires every year.   Christmas trees can catch fire and take less than 1 minute to totally engulf a living room then double in size every 30 seconds spreading into rest of home. To avoid a Christmas tree fires turn out the lights on your tree before going to bed or if leaving your home and do not use the older type lights with bulbs that get hot and check the cords for frayed and exposed wiring. Water your tree to keep it from drying out !

Children May Sleep Thru Smoke Alarm Siren

Children are sound sleepers and hearing impaired occupants also may not hear an alarm.  Special voice smoke alarms that shout FIRE and or recording of parent’s voice can be purchased and smoke alarms with flashing lights as well are available for children and hearing impaired. Use voice warning smoke alarms if you have young children and always plan and practice an escape route. 

Pet Fire Safety

Dogs are often good smoke detectors and there are many stories and videos, of families being saved  because their dog (s) alerted them in time to safely evacuate  while they were asleep. Having  monitored smoke alarms can make a big difference when it comes to saving your dog(s) & cat(s) lives if left inside while you are away from home and getting the fire department to put the fire in time to save your pets.  For your family & pets safety sake always be prepared and have an escape plan!